DEVELOPING A BIODIVERSITY AUDIT OF UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL has been designed in order to catalogue flora and fauna across each of the University of Liverpool's campus sites, stretching from the City Centre Campus to Ness Botanic Gardens, Wirral.

The initial idea is to allow the platform for students, lecturers, staff, wildlife enthusiasts and the general public to log any wildlife sightings into an on-line database that will link to the National Biodiversity Network. It is important for the health of local wildlife, for sustainability and environmental awareness and many other reasons. It is also the ambition for this database and system to be the precursor to a continual and consistent biological recording ethos in and around the University of Liverpool.

The site has been designed to be simple to navigate. Please take the time to enter any wildlife recording(s) you have- it could be the first time a particular species has been seen in that location- as each record is valuable. All records are subject to verification once entered.
NOTE- After entry records are stored in an online database that is dynamically linked to the National Biodiversity Network national database. Any record entered at this site automatically qualifies as public access information. However, if you feel that your records are sensitive you can choose to blur the location during the entry process.