Many wildlife recordings are made by enthusiasts either as part of a wider volunteer group or by people with a keen interest in a particular area of wildlife, such as birds or mammals. This website and its author would encourage the formation of any wildlife volunteer groups, especially if records can be harnested from around University of Liverpool locations.
The easiest way of getting involved in a volunteer wildlife programme is to contact them, either by searching for prospective organisations via the web, or by contacting local voluntray organisations, such as The Wildlife Trusts. However, all local records are housed at Merseyside BioBank, the biological records centre for the Liverpool area. BioBank is supported by a select member of full-time staff and a dedicated group of volunteers, all of whom are active in the wildlife community or are in contact with many people who are. If you would like to consider giving some of your time to BioBank or would like to find out about local initiatives or any other local biological information then they can most likely be found at www.merseysidebiobank.org.uk.